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Xbox 360 Elite restarts after HDMI input is changed/HDMI and Optical out

Last night, I was attempting to get black ops on my Xbox 360 and Ps3 to both have a NAT type set to Open. As it stands at the time of this typing, 360 is Open, PS3 is Moderate. (This is a whole separate issue)
I had both turned on of course, as I was going back and forth between the inputs. Well, I noticed that when I changed the input after being on the 360, and back to the PS3 (or any input for that matter) it would restart my 360. Luckily I figured this one out quickly.
I wanted to utilize my HDMI connection for the best possible picture, but I still wanted to use my Optical output on the standard AV/Component cable. Well if you try to connect both at the same time to the 360, you will learn real quick that it's not going to happen. To fix this little 'space' issue, I removed the plastic case on the AV/Component cable and what do you know, you can now plug both in at the same time!
Well, with both plugged in at the same time, your Xbox sees both types of connectors. So, if you are on the HDMI connection and switch inputs, your Xbox will reset. This is due to the Xbox trying to determine what connector your system is using, in my case its both, so if i change the input on either one its on, it will reset itself to determine which input it is requesting.
Keep this in mind if you are trying to do the same thing as I was (trying to use a cheap solution to using HDMI and optical out without having to buy another expensive cable). So, in closing keep your remotes in a safe place while gaming, if you change that input on accident, your console will reset.

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  1. Found this on, posted by member Stoo, I will be doing this myself, problem solved!



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    I"ll wager that most of you are using a butchered component cable to provide optical / coax audio as well as the HDMI Video output.

    When you change channel, it loses the HDCP handshake, the 360 realises that it has a component cable plugged in, and so reboots to use that as video out instead of HDMI.

    To stop this happening, crack open the metal shielding on the component lead where the cables are soldered to the AV connector and cut the one black wire that loops back on itself. Fold all the metal shielding back over the mess of cables and wrap it all in electrical tape.

    Problem solved.