Friday, November 25, 2011

Spooler Subsystem App closed by Data Execution Prevention

Of course I come in on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it suppose to be an easy laid back day, and I get notified that one of our print servers went down. This print sever houses one side of the state, and 40+ printers. The error is the same as the title bar states. I am unable to start the print spooler and I came across this information from forums.techareana. Big thanks to forum member Alan Morris for posting the following:

"Launch task manager. On the Processes tab, change the view to include a
column for PID

open a command window
type net start spooler

You have one minute to complete the next couple tasks

find spoolsv.exe in task manager, note the PID

in the command window type
ntsd -p [PID for spoolsv.exe] -g -G

press enter and a bunch of module load info will scroll paste.

when the process terminates you will see a prompt
7c822583 cc int 3

type k"


"The problem is the fact that you had installed a previous version of
hptcpmon and the new version of hptcpmon terminates when it reads the old
registry data from the previous version.

You can fix this by deleting the old hptcpmon registry data, before
installing the new driver with the updated version of hptcpmon.dll

Standard TCP/IP Port

HP has data some place on their support site for this issue."

After I renamed the hptcpmon.dll and deleted that registry key, this solved my problem , and all 40 of my printers showed back up after a reboot. Awesome stuff!


  1. Finding this post was like finding a needle in a haystack! It saved me at 3am after I had rebooted our print server and all of our printers disappeared. Thank you SO much!!