Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Break Key for HP DV6 Laptop!

So I am at home working on an old router I was allowed to take from work. Well this router has a password no on knows, so I need to fix that :). Anyways, everyone who works on routers knows to interrupt the boot up process you need to hit the break key. Well guess what, the HP DV6 laptop doesn't have a freaking BREAK key.

I searched forums and google for 20 minutes nothing! I was just looking around in my accessories > ease of access(win 7) and came across my on screen keyboard. Well guess what, the on screen keyboard has a ScrLK key, which my damn laptop doesn't have.

I powered down the router, powered up the router held ctrl on my physical keyboard and hit ScrLk with the mouse...BAM right into rommon 1> mode! Woot, now to reset this start up config and do whatever I feel like! :)

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