Friday, February 28, 2014

Xerox ColorQube/WorkCentre x86 driver on x64 Print Server

Hello everybody!

I am going to explain how to install a x86 Xerox driver on a x64 Print server.

Make sure you go to the Xerox driver page and download both the PS driver for x86 and x64. Install the x64 driver as usual with the print manager.

Now, for the x86 driver, it will ask for a i386 folder/destination. Here is where I got into trouble.

Called Xerox Support and they stated to download the GLOBAL 32 bit PS driver. For some reason, the Microsoft certified driver file does not contain the ntprint file that it needs to install the x86 driver.

As soon as I downloaded that Global print driver, I went through the install process again, this time when it asked for the i386, I pointed it to the global print driver folder and it found the ntprint file it needed. BAM, worked like a charm. Now my 9203 ColorQube is installed on my 2008R2 print server with both x86 and x64 drivers. Sweet.

Big thanks to Xerox for the quick call back and assistance.


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

    1. Ha thanks. I will say this, some of the things we come across as techs, still amazes me.